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For most people, cars are just cars. For a few of us, they are so much more than that. There is beauty, power and class to every well made vehicle in the world. For those who can appreciate the design and engineery of a great classic car, there is RL Sports Car Club.

We gather only the most genuine car lovers in all Kent, and even some from farther places in the United Kingdom. They travel all the way to the meetings and events here, because they know that we have one of the most complete and well preserved collections of classic sportscars from the 80´s and the 90´s.

Our vehicles are on display in our huge central hall, and they are also available for hire. If you have always wondered how it feels like to sit behind the wheel of that one sportscar model that has always called your attention - or even, if you know, and thus you want to feel that again - then come join the RL Sports Car Club and make it happen!

Step up your wedding with our classic cars!

If there is something all classic sportscars have in common, is that they both feel and look amazing. Those are among the most wanted car models in the world, and for good reason. Wouldn't you like to drive one of them? Of course you would. And what about doing it in one of the most important day of your life?

To cheer your loved one and yourself, and even put up a bit of a show, hire a classic car from the 80´s or the 90´s for your wedding day! You can arrive at the church and leave to the reception in one hell of a great car, a moment that nobody - startign with you two - will ever forget.

If you need a driver, we can tell you about a couple good friends of us with great experience with these cars, who would gladly drive you around for a modic fee. However, who are we kidding, you want it to be you who drives that machine!

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Joining the RL Sports Clar Club is a breeze. Contact us on the phone or through our contact form, and we will get back to you in no time!

Set up an interview with us and tell us why you love classic cars. If you are truly passionate for these machines, you can be sure that there is a place here for you!

Hire a classic car for a day!

Our cars are available for daily hire, so if you want to enjoy a day out driving a machine that will feel like none else and rise the envy of strangers and friends, then we are perfect for you. You are invited to come around and take a look at our over 25 classic sportscars. Contact us to make an appointmente and come see it with your very own eyes! 

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Happy Client

They've been behind the wheel. When will you?

"The best moment of our wedding was driving away to the party venue on a decorated classic Aston Martin we hired at RL Sports Car Club. My husband was gleaming in happiness and everyone would look at us in awe. It felt amazing."
Dorothy Hammilton

Happy Client

"I've never been so many good cars together as when I went to visit RL Sports Car Club. Needless to say I became a member immediately. I'm still wondering how they did to get all those awesome models together."
Louis Hunt