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Driving Experience Days

The driving experience is one of the most innovative services available in the UK. It is basically a chance for you to enjoy driving a car of your choice at a track with no restrictions like the ones you find on regular roads.

At, you can set aside a day to enjoy a variety of driving experiences from the heart-stopping fast to the severely unusual. For a reasonable amount of money, you can get to drive the car of your choice in a situation you have always wanted to drive it in for a specified distance. Essentially, you finally get to live your driving dream with the driving experience service.

Who Is Eligible For the Driving Experience?

Depending on the company you approach, forexample the cars they have in stock, and the packages they have on offer, everyone is eligible for a driving experience.  For minors, age restrictions have been reduced to as low as 12 years so your teenager does not have to fantasize about formula one racing anymore; they can experience what it is like to be a formula one driver!

For those who enjoy the drive without necessarily yearning to be behind the wheel, there is the passenger option available. You can bring such a friend or loved one along and drive as they enjoy watching the car eat up the miles of open road.

Cars Available For Driving Experience

The driving experience feeds all sorts of appetites when it comes to cars. There are monster trucks, muscle cars, tanks and even digger trucks available for those who dare to get on them. All these come very reasonably priced and serve as great source of entertainment for all involved.

Top gear lovers can play Jeremy Clarkson for a day behind the wheel of one of the “reasonably priced cars” they use in their episodes. Rally cars and single-seat cars are also available for those who simply love the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with racing.

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"The best moment of our wedding was driving away to the party venue on a decorated classic Aston Martin we hired at RL Sports Car Club. My husband was gleaming in happiness and everyone would look at us in awe. It felt amazing."
Dorothy Hammilton

Happy Client

"I've never been so many good cars together as when I went to visit RL Sports Car Club. Needless to say I became a member immediately. I'm still wondering how they did to get all those awesome models together."
Louis Hunt